The Being Black in Canada 2023 series, part of the Fabienne Colas’ Youth & Diversity Program, gave a voice and a platform to 24 emerging Black filmmakers in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver & Halifax who, after dedicated training and mentorship, created their first short films on the theme: Being Black in Canada.


Program in French

    • Nyassa Munyonge, Fille De Son Père
    • Jonathan Anescar, From a Generation To Another (D’une génération à l’autre)
  • Hernanie Edma, Re-born (Re-naissance)

Program in English

  • Josie Fomé, The Friendship Gap


  • Favour Onose, FAITH > FEAR
  • Rryla McIntosh, Silver Linings
  • Brendan Riley Cairns, Bi & By
  • Ivanna Ihekwoaba, The Book of Black Voices


  • Abisola Bamigboye, Reel Resilience
  • Dozie/ Nnadozie Ekeocha, Whatever Happened to Intergenerational Wealth?
  • Itete R. Gatete, When Men Speak
  • Gabriel Hudson, Changing Tides
  • Celestina Aleobua, Tina, When Will You Marry?
  • Noah Makanjuola, The Invisibles


  • Nikita Morris, Floating
  • Kimber Wesley, Mum
  • Hailey Ramsay, From the Ashes
  • Essence McKinnon, Essance &.



  • Brenda Okorogba, Ameketuni: Let’s Fix Ours
  • Elias Ali, Lost Role Models
  • Moksha Singh Sharpe, More Than a Summer
  • Diana Official, Black Out Loud, Noir.e à tue-tête
  • Ama Ouattara, Rice of Emotions: From Senegal to the Thieb Factory (Riz d’émotions : Du Sénégal à la Thieb Factory)


Anthony Onwordi, The Undervalued Quadrant


The Friendship Gap

Josie Fomé – Canada – 2023 / 10:04’ – ENGLISH 

The Friendship Gap is a story of the grief that overwhelms us after a friendship breakup

and the healing and restoration that community can bring in the aftermath. After

experiencing a friendship breakup, a heartbroken young Montrealer struggles with

loneliness until new friends give her renewed hope.



Fille De Son Père

Nyassa Munyonge,  – Canada – 2023 / 9:38’ – FRENCH 

Nyassa travels from Montreal to New Brunswick to sort through the belongings of her father Abwe, recently placed in a long-term care home, and chat with him.

From a Generation To Another

Jonathan Anescar – Canada – 2023 / 10:34’ – FRENCH 

This documentary follows the relationship between a woman that was born and raised in Montreal and her mother that was born in Haïti and arrived in the country at a young age. With love and understanding they transcend the differences in culture and values.

Re-naissance (Re-born)

Hernanie Edma – Canada – 2023 / ?’ – FRENCH 

Samuel Jason shares with us one of the missing moments of his life: his car accident during his teenage years. Through its emotional story, Re-naissance (Re-born) highlights the values ​​that emerged from this ordeal, as well as the inspiring people who left a significant mark on his life journey.


Nikita Morris – Canada – 2023 / 9:15’ – ENGLISH 

Follow the journey of passionate breakers from Halifax, Nova Scotia as they defy gravity, push boundaries, and express their souls through mesmerizing moves. From the streets to international competitions, witness the power of dance to unite, inspire, and transform lives.

Essance &.

Essence McKinnon – Canada – 2023 / 9:17’ – ENGLISH 

Each person in this film holds a piece of the puzzle that is Essance. As Essance brings together these threads, we witness a tapestry that is beautiful, contradictory, and complex. The very seeds of an identity in flux and motion…

From the Ashes

Hailey Ramsay – Canada – 2023 / 9:43’ – ENGLISH 

Hailey Ramsay, half African Nova Scotian, speaks on being raised and segregated from her African Nova Scotian roots until the age 10. Singing and music is how she copes with hard times growing up even until now. Trauma ends up getting the best of her, she goes down a dark path for 9 years until getting pregnant with her daughter. She gets sober, healthy, and leaves the province to heal. She discovers she can sing while singing to her baby girl and finds her voice in more ways than one. It is time for her to speak up and tell her story. 


Kimber Wesley – Canada – 2023 / 9:26’ – ENGLISH 

The short film Mum is about a young woman reflecting on her childhood while dealing with motherhood and realizing she’s breaking generational trauma.


Favour Onose – Canada – 2023 / 06:21’ – ENGLISH 

After saying no to the reality of another round of foster care. A gifted singer, along with the support of her elementary school, must find a place to stay. Despite facing an uncertain future, she says Yes to stepping into the unknown, holding on to her voice and spirit as a guiding light.

Silver Linings

Rryla McIntosh – Canada – 2023 /  07:51’ – ENGLISH 

In this film we explore how Rryla McIntosh grew out of her insecurities and into her power, while simultaneously finding the silver lining around a traumatic life event. 


Bi & By

Brendan Riley Cairns – Canada – 2023 / 10:01’ – ENGLISH 

A man struggles with uniting different aspects of his identity. He finds some solace in a conversation with his cousins who experience similar challenges. Insights and advice are shared in the hope of connecting further with their black and queer identities. They will get there, “Bi and by”.


The Book of Black Voices

Ivanna Samuel – Canada – 2023 / 11:24’ – ENGLISH 

TBOBV sheds light on the search for community – something that Black artists know all too well in Vancouver. What happens when you find yourself feeling alone in a city you are unfamiliar with? Or a city you grew up in? This documentary by Ivanna Samuel highlights 2 Black poets – Adonis and Imbali – and how they navigate the challenges amidst their desires to build community in Vancouver.

The Invisibles

Noah Makanjuola – Canada – 2023 / 8:16’ – ENGLISH 

The Invisibles is about the struggles and experiences of young adults trying to make ends meet while living in Toronto. The film is about the opinions and lives of people in the city of Toronto who are often overlooked and misjudged. 

Whatever Happened to Intergenerational Wealth?

Nnadozie Ekeocha – Canada – 2023 / 8:01’ – ENGLISH 

Suzette Clarke and Kirk Bryan, two mortgage brokers, reflect on the current state of the Ontario housing market and its ramifications on Black folks’ ambition to develop intergenerational wealth. 

When Men Speak

Itete Gatete – Canada – 2023 / 7:57’ – ENGLISH 

When Men Speak aims to shed light on the mental health epidemic from the POV of black men. Effortlessly swaying between spoken word performance, storytelling, and classic documentary filmmaking, we unpack the stigma that exists within African and Caribbean communities.

Changing Tides

Gabriel Hudson – Canada – 2023 / 8:02’ – ENGLISH 

Changing Tides delves into the trials of Black LGBTQ+ Caribbean asylum seekers like Jhanik Bullard, a Bahamian screenwriter, and features insights from Dennis Wamala, a Ugandan activist at Rainbow Railroad. Unveiling the intricate asylum process, the documentary explores the challenges of being thrust into a majority white country, confronting racism for the first time, and navigating the complexities of their newfound LGBTQ+ community in Canada.

Tina, When Will You Marry?

Celestina Aleobua – Canada – 2023 / 8:30’ – ENGLISH 

As she clocks 30, Tina’s faced with the sudden pressure to get married. By exploring the stories of three unconventional Nigerian-Canadian women, she decides to tune out the society and traditions that try to dictate what life should look like.

Reel Resilience

Abisola Bamigboye – Canada – 2023 / 7:21’ – ENGLISH 

Reel Resilience chronicles the journey of two determined immigrant filmmakers navigating the challenges of breaking into the Canadian film industry. Through triumphs and setbacks, they unveil the transformative power of resilience, emphasizing the profound impact of networking and unwavering perseverance on their quest in pursuing their cinematic dreams on unfamiliar shores.

More Than a Summer

Moksha Singh-Sharpe – Canada – 2023 / 8:32’ – ENGLISH 

How did the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 affect a young Black girl living in Ottawa, Ontario? Three years later, she investigates how those global events transformed her world view and sense of self.

Lost Role Models

Elias Ali – Canada – 2023 / 8:33’ – ENGLISH 

Lost Role Models delves into the overlooked hardships of Somali professionals navigating post-war life in Canada. Elias explores their struggles with unacknowledged education and job obstacles, shedding light on resilience and the untapped potential of skilled immigrants in the country.

AMEKETUNI: Let’s Fix Ours

Brenda Okorogba – Canada – 2023 / 8:26’ – ENGLISH 

AMEKETUNI celebrates the unwavering determination of Brenda, Hawi, and Paul, Black immigrants forging their own path in Ottawa, carrying the wisdom of their ancestral homeland. Their journeys demonstrate the power of self-awareness, community, and shared responsibility in building a more just society.

Rice of Emotions: From Senegal to the Thieb Factory

Ama Ouattara – Canada – 2023 / 10:26’ – FRENCH 

Follow Joseph, a passionate Senegalese chef, as he embarks on a culinary journey in Ottawa. From discovering diverse flavors to blending Senegalese and French influences, witness the birth of his ghost kitchen, the Thieb Factory. This documentary celebrates cultural unity through food, inspiring perseverance, creativity, and the power of cuisine to bridge divides.

Black Out Loud, Noir.e à tue-tête

Diana Official – Canada – 2023 / 8:35’ – FRENCH 

Black Out Loud, Noir.e à tue-tête bravely unveils the hidden challenges stemming from the negative mosaic shaping black identity within Canada’s critical spheres. It sheds light on the struggles and obstacles faced by many within ecclesiastic, healthcare, and educational realms, sparking crucial conversations about the impact of this negative narrative on the black experience in these vital aspects of Canadian life.

The Undervalued Quadrant

Anthony Onwordi – Canada – 2023 / 9:10’ – ENGLISH 

This documentary explores the challenges faced by artists and creatives in Calgary, who often struggle to gain recognition and stability in an industry dominated by larger, more established markets. The artists share their perspectives on how Canadian artists are often undervalued in comparison to their international counterparts. The film features interviews with two artists, who share the triumphs and challenges they faced in building a successful career.